• Trump Threatens UK Band with ‘Fire and fury’

Trump Threatens UK Band with ‘Fire and fury’

  • President Trump enraged by the mocking video
  • Trump demands video take down
  • Tokyo Taboo refuse to remove the video

By christine maclean for The Daily Gazette
published: 9:53, 9 September 2020

One would think US President Donald Trump would be far too busy on his 2020 US Election campaign trail to threaten an unknown UK band.

Tokyo Taboo tweeted a preview of their new music video American Dream mentioning Trump only to have him reply a few moments later and threaten them with ‘the full extent of the law.’

To the band’s surprise they received a video response from his team and a demand that they remove their music video from all social media platforms. ‘That’s not me in the video,’ he claims, ‘I have no idea who these people are…It’s a totally deep state fake news.’

The music video in question uses AI technology to deepfake Trump’s face onto a body double. It convincingly features Trump in a baby’s diaper singing the words to Tokyo Taboo’s new single American Dream. Baby Trump grows more and more angry throughout. Towards the end of the video he throws a tantrum, splattering food all over his chest and throwing his milk bottle away out of shot. 

Dolly, lead singer and co-director of the video explains:

Tokyo Taboo wanted to play on this idea of fake news. In this strange world we are living in it’s hard to know what is real and what is fake.

What does she think of Trump’s threat of ‘fire and fury’?

We were perplexed that he took any notice of it. We also received a tirade of hate from Trump’s followers (which we had predicted) but the amount of hate was shocking.

In the end the music video is just art and art will always comment on politics. We have no intention of taking the video down and actually edited Trump’s rant into our music video, making it an even better watch. So thanks Trump!

Watch the video that rattled Trump here: